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Leaders in our community – How Destination is making a difference through the World Partnership Walk

Leaders in our community – How Destination is making a difference through the World Partnership Walk

The week of June 13th, 2022 we invited everyone to join us in support of an important cause: The World Partnership Walk (WPW).  The organization helps millions of people by raising funds for international development projects. These projects are focused on long-term sustainable solutions that improve quality of life.  The World Partnership Walk was started in 1985 by a ground of women in Vancouver who came together to raise funds to support the work of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC).  Their initial goal was to be able to give back to the communities they grew up in, which evolved into a much larger initiative that supports the global work of the Aga Khan Foundation. Thirty-eight years later, the WPW has raised more than $130 million – making it the largest event in Canada in support of international development.


Destination Auto Group has been a proud sponsor of the WPW for the last 19 years and Adil Ahamed, our Managing Director, has a personal story relating to his involvement with the foundation.  Prior to joining Destination Auto Group, Adil worked in international micro finance with the Aga Khan Development Network contributing to financial product development projects in South and Central Asia.  In 2006 he participated as a fellow in an 8-month International Microfinance and Microenterprise program of Aga Khan Foundation Canada.  During this time he worked with the First MicroFinance Bank in Tajikistan to help develop financial products to increase financial access and promote savings and enterprise development.


For decades, AKFC has funded locally identified projects that contribute to improving the quality of life in many developing countries. These projects are carefully researched and meticulously executed by the local community, and have permanently enhanced the lives of millions around the world:


  • Healthcare initiatives that bring cutting-edge technology and best practices to rural and underserved areas.
  • Institutions that provide education, especially to girls and women, from the stage of early childhood right through to university and tertiary levels.
  • Bridges that have opened up markets, stimulated cross-border trade, and reunited families.
  • Power facilities that tap into local natural resources, bringing 24/7 energy to areas that were once off the grid.
  • Financial institutions that provide access to credit, stimulating job creation, the flow of goods, and opportunities to earn sustainable economic livelihoods.
  • The list goes on…


Destination Auto Group continues to sponsor the World Partnership Walk because we believe, literally, that it’s a step in the right direction.


Learn more about the World Partnership Walk and now you can contribute to this important humanitarian initiative, visit

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