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Challenge The Status Quo Award

The Challenge The Status Quo Award, or CSQ Award, recognizes our company’s leading team members for their contributions in performance, peer leadership and innovation.

These are exceptional associates who have shown a passion for their work, willingness to help colleagues and guests, and concerted effort to make their work environments better every day.

A Challenge the Status Quo Award Winner:

  • Consistently exceeds expectations
  • Lives and breathes Best-In-Class
  • Constantly learns, adapts and redefines success
  • Breaks silos and thinks outside the box
  • Is enthusiastic, respectful and collaborative
  • Is supportive to peers and customers

The CSQ Award is more than a one-time award. It recognizes and supports an everyday culture in which every Destination Associate can make a positive difference by challenging the status quo.

Congratulations to our deserving winners!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What requirements do Destination Associates need to meet to be considered for the award?

A: All eligible candidates must be employed for a minimum of six months prior to nomination. The additional Challenge the Status Quo criteria for being nominated is listed above. All temporary and permanent employees, including department managers, are eligible for nomination, as long as they meet the minimum tenure requirement. General Managers, Shared Services managers (involved in the selection of nominees), casual employees, and independent contractors are not eligible.

Q: Does a nominee have to meet every listed criterion in order to be eligible for nomination?

A: A nominee does not have to meet every listed criterion, but they should meet most, with the tenure requirement being a mandatory component.

Q: Who is involved in selecting the winners?

A: The General Managers in consultation with their respective department managers will provide 2-3 nominees and their recommended winner for their dealership location.  Shared Services Managers shall also provide their nominations and a recommended winner for the Shared Services team. Once all finalists’ nominations and recommendations are received, the Managing Director, General Managers and Human Resources Manager will lead the evaluation process and select the CSQ Award winners from around the group for the year.  Each year there will be five CSQ Award Winners, one (1) from each dealership, and one (1) from Shared Services.

Q: What awards do the winners receive?

A: The CSQ Award Winners will receive a personalized engraved Award, and will be recognized at the Company’s Annual Celebration Event

Q: Are there any additional benefits of winning the CSQ Award?

A: CSQ Award winners will be recognized as Destination Auto Group ambassadors, and will be presented with opportunities to engage with the executive team on new ideas that enhance the company.