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IT Department: Year In Review

IT Department: Year In Review


Key Accomplishments


The IT departments main focus this year was to implement infrastructure improvements that increase security at Destination Auto Group. As part of this initiative we completed the following:


  • All PCs were upgraded to Windows 10. In addition to increasing security, the new upgrade will allow us to run applications that are optimized for newer operating systems.
  • New Firewall’s were installed at all the stores and shared services.
  • Multi Factor Authentication was enabled for all user emails.
  • Darktrace’s Antigena Spam filter was enabled. In addition to strengthening our cybersecurity initiatives, this also reduced the number of spam messages and malicious threats received by users.


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Help Desk


The IT department was busy this year dealing with numerous tickets across the group. There were 1547 tickets this year, which works out to about 7 tickets a day.



Future Plans


Next year we hope to complete some exciting projects that will strengthen our infrastructure even more and make conducting business easier for all staff.

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