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Destination's Honda Green Dealer Commitment

Destination's Honda Green Dealer Commitment

We are pleased to announce that two of our dealerships; Destination Kingsway Honda and Destination Honda Burnaby have been named as recipients of Honda Canada’s Green Dealer Award. This award recognizes dealerships committed to protecting the environment by taking necessary steps towards a sustainable future.


The goal of Honda’s Green Dealer program is to reduce the carbon footprint by over 16,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2025. To achieve this, all Honda dealers must collectively work towards minimizing their carbon waste. Here at Destination Auto Group, we invested in efficient HVAC equipment, EV charging stations, and energy-efficient LED lighting retrofits. We also focused our attention on recycling and waste reduction.


Becoming a Honda Green Dealer might be challenging at first but rewarding in the end. The first step is data collection and tracking. This includes tracking electricity, natural gas, and water consumption. Once the data is collected, energy efficiency experts conduct the environmental assessment. The dealerships then implement the recommended measures. Once the processes are in place and improved, Honda Canada evaluates and verifies the energy savings.


The recent renovation conducted at Destination Kingsway Honda not only improves the guest experience but also focuses on building a sustainable future for the dealership. We are excited to announce that the renovation drastically reduced the facility’s carbon footprint and energy usage. However, there is still room for growth, improvement, and innovation as we will continue to drive toward greater efficiency.


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