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Destination IT Year in Review

Destination IT Year in Review


The primary focus this year was to strengthen our network by finding any gaps and securing our document sharing. As part of this initiative we completed the following:


  • Penetration Testing – we had a third party test our network looking for issues. The results determined that Destination had a very strong network with only minor patchwork that needed to be done.


  • Google Workspace migration – we moved over to a corporate Google workspace for sharing documents


  • CDK Simple ID – by the end of December we will have migrated all users over to CDK’s new login system.


  • Updating technician hardware at both Honda locations.


  • We hired Gauravjot as our IT support specialist to assist with tickets and day-to-day troubleshooting.


Help Desk

The IT department was busy again this year dealing with numerous tickets across the group. We had a record month in January logging 197 tickets. There were 1694 tickets this year, which works out to about 7 tickets a day.

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