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Winter Tires Do Make The Difference!

"Winter is coming" - said Every Game of Thrones character ever

As a BCIT warrior you juggle a lot in your life: You have to get to campus on time to take part in endless exams, meetings and presentations. You have to get to work with limited time travel time. You have to find time to have a social life and see your families. Your time is tight and time is money, and that is why you should invest in winter tires - they are the only thing in contact with the road.
Winter tires are designed to grip snow, slush and water due to deeper grooves, irregular edges and enhanced flexibility. These features help avoid hydroplaning and provide superior contact with the roads - meaning you are more in control and less to likely to slip, slide, spin or worst involve into a car collision. It can get dangerous out there on the hilly roads and feeling safe and confident while driving will save you stress, time and money.

Winter tires are proven to make the difference in reducing the risk of collisions. In Germany for example, there were 12,539 reported personal-injury collisions in 2005; that number reduced to 6,033 in 2008 after winter tires were made mandatory.

At Destination Auto Group, we offer a wide range of winter tires to suit your needs. Fill out the form below and one of our tire specialists will get in touch with you. We also have a price match on tires, which means you will get the best deal for your winter tire needs. There are also special tire rebates available on Canada's top tire brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, and Yokohama, among others. With this, there is nothing holding you back from safely enjoying driving in the great outdoors.
Destination Auto Group has three dealerships located close to the BCIT Burnaby campus and they offer free convenient shuttle services while your vehicle is in service.

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