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Used Car in Vancouver

Getting the best used car in Vancouver

You may be surprised to find out that part of finding a really good deal on a used car in Vancouver BC has less to do with the car and more to do with you knowing what you need. What you want goes beyond the style of the car to an understanding of the features you need, and the maintenance you are prepared to handle. A used car Vancouver BC deal should provide you with a vehicle that fits your budget and lifestyle, and comes with no surprises.

The new type of used car

The first thing you will notice when you shop for a used car in Vancouver BC is that the quality of pre-owned vehicles is high. Many of these vehicles have come out of lease agreements or were trade-ins and they have been well maintained. It is important that the car you are looking at is certified by the dealership. This means that it has met a set of standards for quality and condition. There are different types of pre-owned certifications available from a manufacturer's certification to a third party one.

A manufacturer's certification on a used car in Vancouver BC means it has met the standards acceptable for its use according to the factory. A factory certified used car means it still meets the factory issued standards as when the car first drove off the line. A third party certification may mean that the car meets certain safety and performance standards, but might not be considered "good as new."

Financing a used car

Another surprise for many people is how much easier financing a used car in Vancouver BC has become. It used to be that banks and loan companies resisted lending money for a used vehicle but now this is not the case at all. Much of this has to do with the certification process that the industry has adopted and the better quality of used cars that are now available. Now, a used car is seen as a viable and valuable asset with a good trade-in value. It can be easier to finance a used vehicle for many people as they will get a more reliable car, but not be asking for the full price.

Make sure you can keep up with the car

Having an understanding of the type of maintenance a car, new or used, requires is essential before you commit to it. Many of the used cars will come with extended warranties, but you must meet certain maintenance obligations to keep that warranty in place. You can also look at the milestone schedules for the car to know if your first one involves a more expensive service to make sure you will be able to afford it when you get there. Also pay attention to whether or not the vehicle uses synthetic oils. Synthetics have less frequent oil changes, but the oil change itself is costly. All of this is important when building your car care budget.