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Types of Used Car Warranties

Did you realize that when you are looking at Surrey used cars you can actually purchase a warranty for them? Even though used cars only have a few options available, there are still plenty of options that you can choose from. In this article, we're going to look at a few of the options you may have when purchasing Surrey used cars.

(1) Minimum basic

Even though you are not required to have a warranty when you purchase a new vehicle, some Surrey used cars dealers will offer complimentary warranties. These minimum basic programs only cover part of the costs of labor for only a few of the parts, so you'll have to discuss what exactly it covers. They are usually by date, too (30 days after your purchase, etc), instead of mileage.

(2) Extended warranty or service contract

These warranties are for newer Surrey used cars, and what they do is extend the original warranty to cover the new buyer. For example, say that you get a car that is only 2 years old, and there are only 35,000 kilometers on it. The original warranty for the original purchaser may have been 100,000 kilometers. The extended warranty would allow you to purchase the car and get a similar warranty that would last just as long.

(3) Certified pre-owned

Some Surrey used cars will include a specialized extended warranty called a certified pre-owned warranty. This usually includes coverage for the powertrain and other specific parts of the vehicle. They may also include policies that cover the entire vehicle for a time after the purchase. It all depends on the manufacturer and the dealerships.

(4) Replacement part warranties

This is an interesting type of warranty, based on what had to be replaced in your vehicle. What many people do is that they get full repairs from the dealership as soon as they buy the new car. The parts that are replaced during this inspection and repair are on warranty from the dealership. That way, if something happens to one of those parts within the warranty time, it will be replaced with no cost to you (for both parts and labor).

Talk to a salesperson at your nearest Destination Auto Group location if you are interested in purchasing any of these with your Surrey used cars purchase. The cost of each will vary depending on what you are purchasing and the year of the vehicle.