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Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal Maintenance

Often people try to put off maintenance as much as possible. Some people don't go into the dealership unless their car won't run anymore! Of course, that is not a good course of action. Most auto manufacturers have a regular maintenance schedule for each individual make and trim level of their brand. You should also have your car checked seasonally to make sure it is ready for cruising in the summer sun on a long trip, and sticking to the icy road during your morning commute in the winter.

Summer Maintenance

Summer maintenance is often overlooked. Drivers don't understand why they need regular maintenance when the roads are dry and clear of debris, and there is no rain or snow blinding you; however, this is untrue. In the summer long road trips are hard on the engine, the beating sun heats up the engine, and more pollutants like dust and dirt are floating in the air. Follow these tips to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape through the dog days of summer.

  • Replace your winter tires with all-season tires
  • Inspect hoses, belts, tires, and A/C
  • Monitor tire pressure to avoid blowouts
  • Maintain factory recommended levels of coolant

Winter Maintenance

When you think of seasonal maintenance preparing for winter is probably your first thought. Winter driving can be a niare! Icy roads, driving rain, and brutal darkness plague drivers throughout the long months of winter. It is important to maintain both your car and your mind throughout these months to avoid accidents and stay safe on the roads. Follow these tips to keep your vehicle ready for winter.

  • Replace your all-season tires with winter tires
  • Store tire chains in the trunk if you are leaving the city
  • Use oil rated for cold weather
  • Inspect your battery for corrosion
  • Install a block heater to assist your battery and starter, and heat up the inside faster

Destination Auto Group Vancouver

The Destination Auto Group has five locations around Vancouver and Burnaby to serve you. Contact any one of our dealers to ask about seasonal maintenance, and we will get you fixed up. It is never too early to prepare, contact us today!

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