Regular Maintenance Schedule

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Manufacturers release a suggested maintenance plan for their vehicles. This plan is designed to ensure that your vehicle runs well for as long as possible. Think about it - manufacturers want you to be happy with your vehicle, and for it to run well. They don't want you to get frustrated with endless maintenance and repairs, only what is necessary.

Check out these links to make sure that you are following the proper maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Every manufacturer has different requirements for their vehicles. The schedules are so specialised that they release different guidelines for different trim levels of vehicles, too. Here are the links for the major manufacturers at our auto group

Vehicle Servicing at the Destination Auto Group

The Destination Auto Group has your best interest at heart. We want to make sure you are happy, your vehicle is healthy, and our relationship is strong. Our knowledgeable service technicians strive to create the best customer experience in Vancouver. We know that not everyone enjoys spending time and money bringing their car in for repairs or maintenance, but trust us when we say that it will save you in the long run. Nobody wants unnecessary repairs or work - we want to help you get back on the road and on with your life. A happy customer is the perfect customer!

If you would like to schedule your next service appointment it has never been easier. Check out one of our dealership websites and fill in the service appointment form online. Once our service department has received your submission we will contact you right away to work out a time that best works for you. If you would like to browse other new or used vehicles, order a part, or apply for financing you can do that on our sites too!

Our goal is to make you happy. Contact us today to get your regular maintenance schedule started - you won't regret it, trust us!

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