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Guest Blogger Erin Mcleod: A Winning Partnership

Destination Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram would like to welcome our Guest Blogger, Erin Mcleod - professional Canadian soccer player and one of the world's top goalkeepers! This is the beginning of an exciting partnership with Erin and we are honoured to hand her the keys to her dream vehicle - a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. We are very excited that Erin will be documenting her adventures in her Jeep and sharing her personal Blogs with us. Below is her first Blog to mark the beginning of a great journey, enjoy!

Erin Mcleod (January 21st, 2015) - Two days ago, I sat down with Destination Chrysler-Jeep-Ram-Dodge and talked about the future. I have been gawking at Jeep Saharas for a long time but looking at one you are going to take off the lot - for free - is a bit different. I sat down with John Coburn and Gary Harpestad to discuss what I could do for them in exchange for, simply put, my dream car. What happened next made me want to be a part of the Destination team for life. They were straight up about the changes they want to see in their own company and the number one thing is making an impact in their own community. Instead of sitting and signing a million autographs, they asked if it would be okay if I went out into the community, with their help, to work with and inspire children of all cultural and economical backgrounds. I was instantly proud to be associated with a company that wants to make a difference.

I drove off the lot talking to my car, literally telling it who to call, what temperature to adjust to and what music to play, and my first thought was how talking to myself will now be more efficient because the car has a computer that is always listening and getting stuff done. I also thought of how this car has a slight bit more power than my last car with roll up windows and no AC 😉. As a Canadian Athlete who has played for the Canadian Women's National Soccer team for over 13 years, I will admit it is my dream job, but it is sometimes hard to get by financially. It has improved tremendously, but there is just no way I could afford the Sahara, and I couldn't be more grateful for Destination's commitment to me.

As I went driving (picking up my little sister, then later my partner who didn't really need a ride, but I insisted ha ha) I thought, this car needs a name. Earlier this year we had a team meeting run by Simon Eaddy, our team's goalkeeper and assistant coach, who told us the story of Edmund Hillary, a Kiwi who was the first to climb Everest. After climbing the most difficult peak, he became known to his country as a good man who gave back, who always had a vision to make his community better. Simon talked about the journey ahead for our team and how we are not necessarily the favourites. Some games will seem like a climb, but with the right people on board and the guts and determination necessary, anything is possible. I couldn't think of a name more fitting - Ed it is.

For all you Jeep Sahara lovers out there thinking about buying the car - trust me it's worth it. It handles like a small car and your vision is awesome. The features inside and out, I mean it really is in a class of its own. I would encourage anyone to head to Destination for their next car purchase. Thanks again to Destination for taking a leap of faith on someone who dreams of inspiring a nation this June.

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