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2014 Mazda3 Burnaby

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    2014 Mazda3
    The 2014 MAZDA3 offers a distinctive appearance that will give you pause and remember you that you need to breathe. It's in the way the body comes to a drop at the iconic MAZDA Grille. It's how the headlights appear to be watching the world around them. It's the strict fidelity to standing out in a crowd. The moment you sit down in the MAZDA3 you'll understand why it has received its share of attention from car enthusiasts and respect from automotive experts.

    And so much more that make the 2014 MAZDA3 the impressive fusion of form and functionality. With over 130 International Awards associated with it, the MAZDA3 is among the most popular vehicles in its class.

    Elegant in implementation, efficient in execution, and impressive in appearance, the 2014 MAZDA3's new design language for 2014 makes for a vehicle ready to address your inner adrenaline-seeker and get your heart pumping before you've even pushed the start button.

    When you open the door and sit down in the 2014 MAZDA3 you enter a cabin engineered for comfort. Bring your MAZDA3 to life by a touch of a button, a feature standard on all trims. The space will leave you wanting for little and the optional heated front seats will keep you warm on those colder days. To make your parking and reversing a little easier, a rearview camera is standard on mid and top models of the 2014 MAZDA3.

    Performance/Fuel Economy
    With a fuel economy as low as 6.8L/100 km City and 4.7L/100 km Highway, the MAZDA3 has the right to make some claims about efficiency. Now, it's a matter of choosing between the highly reliable SKYACTIV-G 2.0 L DOHC 4-Cylinder, or the equally reliable but more powerful SKYACTIV-G 2.5 L 4-Cylinder engines. This is car that has style to spare and efficiency sure to keep you away from frequent stops at the gas station.

    Available in GX, GS and GT trims, the 2014 MAZDA3 maintains a commitment to providing enough of itself that no matter which you take you'll be indisputably driving a MAZDA3 while allowing you to choose between optional features and packages to change it from anyMAZDA3 into your MAZDA3. It's an important differentiation when you're setting out on an adventure to feel that sense of individuality.

    Final Thoughts
    There aren't many vehicles released that can carry the title, "game changer" but the 2014 MAZDA3 earns this title rightfully. The MAZDA3 is a tough, impressive car that will influence you in the best of ways, imbuing you with the confidence you deserve for driving a MAZDA3. At Destination Auto Group, we owe our success to our customers and keep our standards the highest in the industry to ensure we stay this way for years to come. Destination Auto Group has been around since 1983 and has over the years since, under effective management and excellent customer service expanded to include 6 locations across the Greater Vancouver Area. Whether you're looking for Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, or Chrysler vehicles or service, Destination Auto Group has you covered. The experienced team at is easily contacted using their Online Form or through their Sales line at 1 (888) 599-6993.