Vancouver Second Hand Cars

Taking another look at second hand cars

While everyone loves having a new car, you may want to consider the advantages of owning a used car instead. Vancouver second hand cars are plentiful; while many can be found for sale by private owners you are better off getting a car from a Vancouver second hand cars dealership. They can offer you a surprising advantage when it comes to assuming ownership of a car later in its life.

The changing face of used cars

The days when you would purchase a car and drive it until it could be driven no more, passing it down to your children as they came of age to drive, is long gone. Today, cars designs are updated more frequently and you are better off changing the type of car you drive more often to keep the best trade-in value possible. The rise of the lease agreement has also served to change the type of Vancouver second hand cars you will see for sale on the lot. Instead of being weathered, high mileage beasts; leased cars that come up for sale may only have a year or two of light driving on their engines. You can now find nearly new Vancouver second hand cars at any of the Destination Auto Group locations.

Financing a second hand car

Another major change in the Vancouver second hand car and SUV market is how financing companies now view them. It used to be very difficult to get an auto loan if the vehicle was used. Banks and vehicle financers didn't want to lend out cash for a vehicle that had little collateral value, it increased their loan risk too much. With the better quality used cars that are now on the market, it is becoming more common for loan companies to finance a used vehicle. This is one of the reasons why the phrase "certified pre-owned" has become so popular. Dealerships and manufacturers got together to create standards for certifying used vehicles so that vehicle loan companies would finance them more easily. This has worked out to the advantage of the consumer as you can often get a loan on a used car that is in excellent condition and that may have been out of your price range when it was new.

Taking care of used

It is important that you also consider what is required to keep up the maintenance of a used car. Many will come with extended warranties, but you need to make sure you stick to the expected schedule of maintenance to hold on to the trade-in value or the car.

There is a much higher expectation placed on the condition of a second hand car these days than ever before. Making sure that you have documented service and maintenance records will help you when it is time for your second hand car to become someone else's 'new' vehicle. That said, this is also something you should look for when shopping for a second hand car yourself. Ask to see the maintenance records to make sure you truly understand the condition of the car you are buying.