Our COVID-19 Care Plan

Destination Auto Group’s Safety Protocol Regarding COVID-19

For over 30 years, Destination Auto Group’s focus has been to provide our guests with the best possible customer experience. In light of concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, we have been working proactively over the last few weeks to ensure the health and safety of our guests and associates.

While the Public Health Agency of Canada has assessed the current public health risk associated with coronavirus to be low, we are monitoring developments in real-time and adjusting our policies accordingly. To date we have had no cases reported in any of our dealerships.

Our proactive approach to managing the potential risk includes the following actions:

Mask Policy

Guests, Associates and Contractors accessing indoor common areas on our premises are required to wear a single-use (disposable) face mask, or a reusable cloth face mask.

Employee Health Screening

Our duty to ensure a safe workplace now extends to pre-workplace entry. All Destination Auto Group Associates are required to complete a daily health check screening before the start of daily shifts in order to be cleared for entry to our dealerships.

Visitor Contact Log

All visitors/vendors entering our facility are requested to provide their contact information. In the unlikely event of an exposure to COVID-19, it is important that we can support public health authorities in contacting visitors if required.  Please follow the instructions posted near the entrances.  The process takes 10 seconds and can be done on a mobile phone.

We take privacy very seriously and have set in place policies to preserve the confidentiality of our visitors.  Requested information in the visitor contact logo will not be used for any purpose other than contact tracing and will be deleted after 60 days if unused.

Safety Information Sharing

A communications plan has been activated in all dealerships (infographic posters) with guidelines on best practices for prevention and standards for maintenance of personal hygiene. Information is visible in high-traffic areas, and regular health and safety updates are shared with our associates as the situation continues to develop. Associates who may have any flu-like symptoms are encouraged not to report to work, but to contact their primary health advisors or 811 for guidance.

Hand Etiquette

As per the recommendations made by health officials, all Destination associates have been advised to wash their hands frequently and refrain from handshaking.

Cleaning and Sanitization

In addition to daily cleaning, we have increased the frequency and vigor of sanitizing all high-traffic areas in the dealership, including customer lounges and restrooms, as well as high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs/handles, coffee stations, and reception and desktop counters. We have doubled our orders of hand sanitizer, which is delivered through dispensing units throughout the dealerships.

Vehicle Policies (Shuttles, Loaners, Test Drive and Service Customers)

All Courtesy Shuttles, Service Loaners, and Test Drive Vehicles will be cleaned thoroughly (all surfaces inside the vehicle) before and after each and every use. All Destination technicians are also required to wear disposable gloves while working on vehicles.

Travel Policy

As per public health official guidance, all non-critical business trips have been canceled. Associates have been advised to postpone all personal travel and to inform the company if they have traveled recently to assist with any potential arrangements.

Meetings Policy

Digital video calling tools such as Zoom and FaceTime have been implemented to reduce the frequency of in-person meetings, and are available for guests to be in touch with Destination sales and service representatives.

For any questions or concerns with regard to this policy, please reach out to us at AskUs@destinationauto.ca.

We have procedures in place to monitor ongoing developments so that we can continue to respond rapidly. Our dealerships continue to remain open for business, and we also have online or other options for our Guests who prefer greater convenience - please contact our dealerships for more details.

We are optimistic about the future and that we will get through these challenges together. Our welcome and excitement in working with our guests and associates remain as genuine and heartfelt as ever, even if we can’t shake hands for now. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Adil Ahamed, MBA
Managing Director
Destination Auto Group

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