Movember at Destination Auto Group

Hide the shaving cream and whip out the mustache combs… Movember is here! Destination Auto Group is proud to support the improvement of men's health and the fight against cancer.

Cancer affects everyone, regardless of gender, race and age; we are participating in Movember in hopes to raise awareness and funds to help fight this disease. Dennis Lee, IT Manager at Destination Auto Group, shared with us his personal story and what Movember means to him, as well as a few tips on growing that perfect 'stache!

Q: Who are you growing a mustache for and how did they influence/impact your life?

D. Lee: I am participating in Movember in memory of my dad, William Richard Lee. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer roughly 15 years ago and the doctors were able to manage his condition thru chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, my father lost his battle this summer when the cancer spread to his bones.

My father helped me to become the man I am today. Some of my fondest memories of my dad were when he taught me how to fish, took me camping, and coached my baseball and hockey teams. A leader and outdoorsman, he was everything you'd expect from a father and more.

What I will miss is he was a great grandfather and it saddens me that my kids won't get to be with him anymore. The magic of the laughter, from him and the kids, was wonderful. They brought out the best of each other.

Q: How has the Movember movement changed and/or impacted you and your life?

D. Lee: The movement has given me to opportunity to shine the focus on the Movember cause within my circle of families, friends and co-workers. I believe the money raised will positively accelerate the research to find a cure because cancer is unpredictable and can strike those who are dearest to us at any time.

Nothing is more difficult to observe than the daily hardships of cancer-stricken patients fighting for their lives. For me, the loss of my father has taught me to appreciate the little things, like the laughter of my kids, my amazing wife, my health and all the memories I have with my father. Sporting the mustache is a reminder that life is short and we should do what we can to enjoy it to the fullest extent.

Q: How do you feel about women or "Mosistas" participating in Movember?

D. Lee: Women play a big part in raising awareness; everyone has their dads, brothers, sons, uncles and grandfathers, and cancer does not discriminate. In fact, it can potentially affect the lives of everyone around them. My wife, Lisa, supports me and the Movember cause 100%.

Q: What are some tips on grooming and styling a stache?

D. Lee: I'm currently growing the "boxcar," so razors with built in trimmers work well. If you get to the "handlebar" length, pomade is great to help achieve that sleek look.

Visit Dennis's Mobro page to learn more about his story.